Made in Italy – RAI 3 broadcast

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Presa Diretta “Made in Italy” is a Presa Diretta production filmed by Shafiur Rahman for RAI 3 ( Italian public television). The documentary deals with the situation of garment workers in Bangladesh. Broadcast date: 17th March, 2014 at 21.05 hrs RAI3. Italian journalists Liza Boschin and Elena Marzano travelled to Bangladesh to film the story.

New thinking in the NHS

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We are engaged in an NHS London project  where we are fly-on-the-wall filming a group of consultants who are developing new ideas to look at issues of inclusion and diversity in the national health service. Go here for more information.

Banani Beggars

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A photographic essay on beggars in an affluent suburb of Dhaka. Not a Six Oranges project…just a side project! These photographs were taken using a smartphone ( Galaxy Note 2).

2012- Bede or River Gypsy community of Bangladesh

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Bede girls in KuakataWe have started a new and fascinating project dealing with the river gypsies ( Bede people) of Bangladesh. We have filmed this marginalised and stigmatised group in urban centers and remote parts of Bangladesh. Our thanks go to Mr AKM Maksud of Grambangla Unnayan Committee and to Father Renato Rosso for the insights we received.

September 2012 – South Africa

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Ahmed KathradaA brief trip to South Africa. We interviewed several people – amongst them Ahmed Kathrada who spent 26 years in prison. With Marikana in the background, this was a trip where we encountered much disillusionment amongst all and sundry. We also created a mural of Ruth First in Soweto.

May 2012 – Libya

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GaryanAfter the fall of the dictator, Gaddafi, Libya is fast transforming itself. However what will emerge is still uncertain. As part of our “A Peculiar European Journey” doc, we wanted to ask what would happen to migrants and their outstanding issues under the new dispensation. We visited migrant detention camps, talked to ministry officials and organisations such as the IOM and UNHCR. We came away concerned, very concerned…We are grateful for the very frank and open discussions with camp commanders and ministry officials.  And we are particularly grateful to all the detainees who spoke to us.

March 2012

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Saw the Six Oranges team in Sicily, Lampedusa and Malta. We were filming for our doc on Italian immigration. Incredibly, the day after our arrival in Lampedusa we saw boat landings from Libya. They came in a very precarious rubber craft which set sail from Libya packed with migrants. The next day we interviewed fishermen who had rescued migrants from the sea the night before. In Malta we filmed in Safi detention centre where unexpectedly we came across Bangladeshi workers.  After detention for many months, indeed upto 18 months, detainees are released into open camps. We filmed in Hal Far open camp. We also talked to interior Minister Bonnici and the Jesuit Refugee Service.

Review of 2011

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Mayor Pisapia This is a review of our activities in 2011. This year we filmed in France, Poland, Italy and the USA. Thank you to all our interviewees for taking the time to share your stories and expressing your views. In 2011, we were fortunate to have the assistance of ( in chronological order) Sharon Ashbourn, Tabby Booth and Angelica Riccardi. Without their help our programme of work would have been much less interesting. Thanks also to Luz Salcedo who was our editor. Michael RJ Rushmore, aka Vandalog, also worked on a project with us ( watch this space…!)   Click the image to be taken to the site.

Street Art Collides with Reality

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Soho Shorts Official SelectionOur short film “Street Art Collides with Reality” is part of the Official Selection for the 2011 Rushes Soho Shorts film festival. The film shows three street artists – Ben Slow, Joseph Loughborough and Joe Deane – painting in the east end of London. Their painting of a destitute woman and child ( Ma o Shishu) is sadly echoed by what we discover behind the facade of the building….The film will be screened at the ICA on 23rd July 2011.

East End Film Festival

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EAST END FILM FESTIVALWe are pleased that Tres Tristes Tigres will be screened at the East End Film Festival in London in April/May 2011. The award-winning short film about migrant workers in Dubai has been screened in many festivals throughout the world. GO HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION. UPDATE: Tres Tristes Tigres was awarded the SHORT FILM AUDIENCE AWARD.