Tres Tristes Tigres

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Tres Tristes TigresA new short film directed by David Munoz and co-produced by Six Oranges has been completed (June 2010). Shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II on our last two visits to Bangladesh, the film tells of the forced repatriation of three Bangladeshi migrant workers after the financial crisis in Dubai, and the implications for their lives. For many in the world migration provides the only hope for escaping poverty. Equally, many who have  migrated know about the other side of that hope – suffering.  They leave behind their homes and families and everything they know to submit themselves to the mercy of their employers in distant countries as well as middlemen who recruit at home. This is a fact of life for huge numbers of people who pay large sums of money in order to go abroad to do honest work. This film tells the story of three such men from the rural village of Rajbari, Bangladesh who travelled to the Middle East. For more information GO HERE

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