A Peculiar European Journey ( Visit web site )

Lampedusa detention centreThroughout Western Europe, newspapers and journals have been featuring sensational stories about immigration. Newspapers have carried banners proclaiming “invasions” and a challenge to the established way of life.

This is not a specifically Italian experience. Some say these are stories which add up to “narratives of eviction.” The stories seek to obfuscate how immigration comes about and its role in Europe. Rather Europe is represented as a passive substrate upon which the immigrant feeds. These narratives deny a dynamic relationship between the countries and regions involved in the immigration process – economic, political and historical, and organised forms of labour recruitment. Others are less seduced by these analyses and emphasize the problems of integration.

My film is about migration, particularly undocumented migration, into Italy. I wish to reflect on the provocative debates that exist about immigration and scrutinize the myths surrounding it. I reflect on the acute problems of social invisibility where the state and the supra-state can engage in deportations and incarceration seemingly in contravention of international agreements. I ask what kind of bleakness lies ahead, and what kind of solutions are being hatched.October 17, 2009, Demonstration, Rome

Brick Lane Street Art (production web site)

This is a documentary  about a street (Brick Lane) and art ( street art, literature).  It is a social documentary which frames the street, its life, the system in which it operates and, significantly,  its myths ( its status as multicultural model, its claimed successes etc).    More information shortly. Below: Know Hope and Ink Fetish painting in Shoreditch.

KnowHope and Ink Fetish, Shoreditch