The Queen’s Chinese ( 2012, Script, Camera and Direction by Shafiur Rahman) Tells the story of ex-Malaysians rendered stateless by acquiring British Overseas Citizenship status.

Tres Tristes Tigres

Tres Tristes Tigres 2010 (David Munoz, Director, Shafiur Rahman: Co-producer ) Multi-award winning documentary on the plight of Bangladeshi migrant workers in the Gulf. See more here.

Swapnabhumi – The Promised Land 2007 (co-producer ) 2nd Prize winner at FSA ’09, Kathmandu 2009. Produced in the year of the 60th of anniversary of partition, the documentary explores the plight of the Bihari or Urdu-speaking community of Bangladesh. The 90 minute film reveals the many different voices found in the “camps” where the Urdu-speakers live. Through harrowing interviews, the documentary takes the audience from the origins of the problem to the current tragic impasse. You can check out the web site by clicking HERE .

Bostrobalikara: Garment Girls of Bangladesh 2006 (co-producer ) Awarded the best documentary award by the Bangladesh Federation of Film Societies. A common sight in the streets of Dhaka is the parade of young women and girls going to and from work in garment factories. These girls, who number about 2 million, work in the most successful manufacturing industry that Bangladesh has. Nevertheless the garment industry is faced with uncertainties and difficulties. Most pressing are issues concerning wages and safe working conditions, future investment and the international trade environment. Visit the site.

still from Teardrops of KarnaphuliTeardrops of Karnaphuli 2005 (co-producer, post-production) Through the words of the inhabitants of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, both “hill people” and recently arrived bengalis, Teardrops of Karnaphuli tells the devastating story of dam construction in the area, the displacement of people and the resulting impoverishment and suffering of local inhabitants. Visit the site.