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Paris, Je t’aime

admin | February 17th, 2010 | No Comments »

We were in wintry Paris for three days -  running around and filming some very interesting art and artists. From Les Lilas to Montbrieux to Vitry-sur-Seine we were welcomed like old friends and allowed to film and photograph to our hearts’ content. I will post up some snippets of interviews from Blek le Rat, Christian Guemy and Dale Grimshaw very shortly. The Brick Lane project, which is still without a title (!), aims to look at art, protest and social consciousness. These three individuals gave fascinating interviews concerning those issues. We also filmed Anwar Hossain, cinematographer and photographer, at his home preparing to depart from Paris and more… Thanks to Constance Cardon of the  Ile-de-France Film Commission for all the last minute assistance she rendered.

(pic by Dorota. Found..on the streets).